Each year the Greece Police Department participates in a variety of events with the community.


For over 16 years, the Greece Uniformed Patrolman’s Association has been proud to help brighten numerous kids holidays through our Shop-With-A-Cop program. Initially started by Officer Joe Coppeta, this annual holiday event continuously gets bigger and better every year.   Each of the eleven Greece Central Elementary Schools select several underprivileged children to attend this event.  Children are selected by school counselors, psychologists, teachers and building administration who know which kids are the most in need.

These children then meet on the first Saturday of December at a retail store where they are greeted with breakfast before they cheer on the arrival of the big guy himself…Santa Claus. The kids then get to enjoy spending time with uniformed police officers while they shop for toys, clothes and other items they want; up to their predetermined dollar amount.  After they complete their shopping trip, all participants are provided lunch before they leave.

All monies used for this event were raised through both the UPA’s annual golf tournament and yearly fundraising drive. In addition, all the people involved in this event volunteer their time so no taxpayer dollars are used. Even the host store assists by helping to provide the food and crafts for the kids.

Annual Greece Police UPA Charity Golf Tournament

The money raised in this tournament has been the financial backbone for our “Shop with a Cop” event. During “Shop with a Cop”, Officers of the Greece Police Department take underprivileged youth in our community Christmas shopping. For over 20 years, the Greece Police Uniformed Patrolman’s Association has been proud to host this event, brightening the holiday season for numerous underprivileged and deserving youth in the Greece area. Children and families are selected to participate in this wonderful event their school counselors, teachers, school resource officers (SRO), and/or our victim’s assistance liaison within the Police Department.

The “Shop with a Cop” program has allowed deserving youth to enjoy the holiday season while being able to interact with Greece Police Officers on a more personal level. Area Businesses have played a key role in sponsoring this event within our community. Through generous donations of gift certificates, products, services, and/or hole sponsorships, our successful tournament raised enough money to sponsor 38 children on a holiday shopping trip.

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